Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Headline said:

Medics miss several chances to save man’s life
Published on Monday 13 February 2012 11:00 in Doncaster Free Press

"HEALTH bosses have launched an investigation after a well-known Doncaster GP failed to spot a man had suffered a heart attack days before he died.
Dr Kevin Lee instead prescribed the man, who was complaining of shooting pains in his chest and arms as well as breathlessness, anti-biotics for a chesty cough, an inquest heard.
The GP also failed to carry out checks for blood pressure and a pulse during the ten minute examination, the hearing was told.
Dean Beresford, 44, who had also consulted other medics over his symptoms died after collapsing.
Coroner Stuart Fisher said there were four “missed opportunities” to get Mr Beresford, of Gainsborough, emergency treatment.
Following the hearing a spokesman for Doncaster Primary Care Trust, confirmed Dr Lee was a GP at The Scott Practice in Balby, and health bosses would be looking at the coroner’s findings.
He added Dr Lee had kept the trust “fully informed through the process.”
Rose Fells, managing partner of The Scott Practice, said: “Dr Lee would like to offer his condolences to the family of Mr Beresford. He is unable to comment further due to patient confidentiality.”

You will find more at The Doncaster Free Press:

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QUERY: What was Dr Kevin Lee, who could not be bothered to get off his backsideto see the now-deceased Ralph Winstanley when he was on-call on 18 April 2004, doing as on-call doctor at John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough?

Did he move - as I believe - because the good people of Gainsborough would be unaware of his rotten past?

It must be 'a nice little earner' being an on-call doctor, since he still seems to practice at The Scott Practice, Balby, Doncaster, as well. So why would he travel the 18 miles to Gainsborough?

Or perhaps he didn't? Perhaps all his 'practising' is done over the phone, from the comfort of his own home? Re -reading the article in the Daily Mail, it seems he saw this poor man 'face to face'. Surely that says enough about incompetence?

I think we should be told. Yet again, the GMC seems to be failing to act. How many people have to die before action is taken against this person?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dr Kevin Stewart Lee of Doncaster

Dr Kevin Lee is a General Practitioner who works in The Scott Practice, Balby, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

He was one of the On-call doctors at Danum Doctors Services Ltd, who worked under the auspices of the three Primary Care Trusts in Doncaster, during April 2004, when Ralph Winstanley was killed..

Danum Doctors Services began formal operations at the beginning of April 2004.

By 23 April 2004, at least one old person had been removed as a patient, by the simple expedient of drugging him to death, sight unseen.

Dr Kevin Lee set this drugging in operation, but seemingly had no need to know anything about the patient.

He had no access to the patient's GP Medical Record.
He had no access to the Patient's Consultants' Clinical Records.
He never met the patient, either before the drugging was set up, or at any time, before or after the patient's death.

He is currently the Lead for 'Long Term Conditions at NHS Doncaster'

This link
NHS Doncaster - Mainstreaming Telehealth

shows Dr Lee being quoted as saying:

"Our aim is that people should be 'living with' rather than 'suffering from' their condition or conditions. New telehealth technology will help our frontline staff to care for patients better, but of equal importance is that it will improve the quality of life of patients and help them become more independent."

which is OK, except for his past experience in dealing with old people when in Danum Doctors Services Limited.

I beleive that the problem with telehealth is that a person in need of it, will probably be living alone, in an isolated position, where easing them out of life would be a relatively easy thing to do. To the extent that they elect to go onto such a 'reassuring' programme, they are self-referring. But are they aware of who is running that programme - and of that person's past?

At this point you will be thinking that surely if a GP had drugged someone to death, it must have been because he was already dying, and that the GP was helping him? But no. Ralph Winstanley had not been dying, nor expected to die, nor expecting to die, nor asking to die.

He said he 'was not in any pain' and tried to pull the syringe driver needles out of his thighs, and then out of his upper arms. Nurses - and Nina Clayton and her daughter, Rosemary Alice Cheesman - insisted that they should remain.

For some reason, though he was not at that time incontinent, he was also forced to accept an indwelling urinary catheter. Again, this was against his will -and he tried to pull it out.

Dr Kevin Michael Stewart Lee (3355851) has not been brought before the General Medical Council for his part in the killing of Ralph Winstanley, because the General Medical Council refuses to act.

He was/is involved in the charity 'CHRISTIANA SAUNDERS FOR WIDOWS'.

He seems to have been involved in an incident of death in Lincolnshire. You will find information about that in the next posting.

He has not been before a Coroner to explain his actions, because the Coroners (2 of them) refused to request - or insist upon - his presence.

He has not been hauled through Court, because South Yorkshire Police has always refused to prosecute. The Crown Prosecution Service has refused to prosecute, because South Yorkshire Police has never asked that it should prosecute.

The Director of Public Prosecutions refuses to act.

Doncaster East and West and Central PCTs, combining to make Doncaster PCT, and then changing the name to NHS Doncaster, has always refused to remove this man, preferring instead to allow him to reappear as 'GP and clinical lead for long-term conditions.'

I would not trust him with a recently deceased worm, let alone a vulnerable isolated patient. You must make your own decision.